Goal Hacks That Actually Work

One of our guiding principles at Sophya is automating mundane tasks to save time. We do that because we believe that time is our most precious commodity. Today, it’s zapped and competed for like it’s going out of style. We live in a world where we always have too much to do, too many options, too many things we want to complete in a day. So little wins in the time-saving category are big wins overall.

Everyone is always trying to find hacks to accomplish. And for some reason, we seem to focus our efforts on hacking into this sublime willpower store we think we have buried somewhere, just out of reach. If only we could tap into this extra willpower, we’d be able to do it all.

The thing is, the big hack we’re all looking for isn’t coupled to motivation or willpower. In fact, the less coupled to motivation or willpower, the better! 🤯

Goals hacks for you

Let me tell you a lil something about willpower and motivation. They’re limited and a one-stop shop. So in any given period of time, let’s say a day, we only have so much we can tap into. Our motivation for exercise isn’t stored separately from our motivation for work. It’s all one, generic, limited pool. And we draw from it constantly throughout the day, without noticing or giving permission. By the time we need to do that big thing that requires a bunch of motivation or willpower, we’re all out. And if that’s the only tool we’ve got to get things done, we’re totally hooped.

So what’s the secret? Remove motivation and willpower from the equation completely. Seriously.

1. Eliminate situations where your willpower & motivation are zapped with no return to you.

Every time we’re distracted or need to make a decision, we tap into motivation & willpower reserves. What time should I wake up? What should I eat? Should I work from home? What should I wear? Should I eat that donut? You get the idea. Each one of these micro decisions is inconsequential. Individually, they aren’t going to move the needle on us being better people or having more epic lives, yet they tap into our motivation and willpower. And if the decision we need to make has consequences on our goals (I know I should go work on my side project, but all my friends are going to the bar…), we’re in trouble if we’ve used all our resources on stuff that didn’t matter.

2. Don’t rely on willpower or motivation for the stuff that does matter. Create automated habits instead to cruise to your goals.

Our lives can be boiled down to habits. Every day we operate under a framework of habits (good and bad), without even thinking about it. And we can tap into that same power of doing things automatically to accomplish the things that matter to us, without relying on motivation or willpower. So if everything that’s important in your life is powered by habits, you never have to worry about being motivated enough to get something done. And the best part? Once something is a habit, it feels uncomfortable not to do it.

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