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You can draw on videos

Draw Your Heart Out

You can draw on videos with Sophya! How cray is that? So, why would you want to do that?

Notes are great, but they lack context. Do you always remember why you wrote your notes the way you did? Yeah, us too. 🙄 This is why you need a visual way to point to (or circle, or fill out, or draw around) those important parts that you absolutely need to remember. That way when you look at your notes, you'll know exactly why you used all those exclamation marks.

Flashcards to Remember What You Learn Forever

That cram sesh is only going to get you so far. Sophya’s spaced-rep flashcard system helps you learn and retain for the long-term. It goes a giant step further and lets you rate your familiarity, so you remember more with less study time.

Use friends' flashcards, make your own, or a healthy mix of both. Upload images, type in your answers, and see your stats. Did we mention, they're also super pretty? 😍

Learn While You Play

Learning online today is pretty craptastic. 😩 Sophya's changin' that up.

Sophya keeps you motivated and connected to your friends while you learn. Gamified and collaborative flashcards. Type-together like Google docs. Group chat or slide into your friends' DMs. Collaborate and share study materials.

You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Nope. That's what we call a major party foul here at Sophya. You stuff is yours forever. Or as long as the interwebz are around. (So...forever.)
Yes, like the other best things in life, Sophya is free.
Variety is the spice of life, McGillikins.
Patience, young grasshoppers. (Soon, very soon. Like, before you can count to eleventy billion and back.)
Heck yes! Share your notes, your learning paths, your drawings, and your flashcards. We dare you.
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