We Take Our Opportunity Seriously

Last week, we found out we were one of the winners of the 2019 Harvard’s President’s Innovation Challenge 🤗🎉. During the event, Harvard President Bacow expressed: “You are our future…and that future is very bright”.

Sophya at President's Challenge

While this sure made us feel warm and fuzzy inside (thank you, President Bacow!), it’s an important reminder of our responsibility to you, to education, to the world today, and the world tomorrow. As a young Boston-based tech startup, we are in a time of great opportunity. Technology is abundant, relatively affordable, and progressing at a dizzying pace. Our world is 24/7 and remote-able, allowing for work to be done just about anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Expertise is a few well-written paragraphs and a button click away. And the problem we aim to tackle is a big, impactful, and gets people excited. We have all of the opportunities. They are ours to seize, and they are ours to lose.

And we plan to seize them. Please, hold us accountable.


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