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About Sophya

Every day, thousands of learners set out on an exciting new journey. The destination might be improved career skills, nailing a university exam, or achieving Chief Geek status about a cool topic. Sophya helps you to navigate and be successful in your journey. We're here to turbo-boost your learning and keep you social with friends, old and new.

For most students around the world, this journey takes an immediate nosedive. On the learning front, it’s not clear how to get to your goals when learning in school or online. You get content overloaded everywhere you look, and there’s no way to benefit or get help from students who came before you. On the technology and experience front, every company or curriculum that tries to help is archaic, disorganized, or overpriced. The online learning experience is just bad. There’s a zillion tabs, endless Googling, and uncertain content vetting. And on top of that, you feel alone and isolated from friends, classmates, and fellow learners. Where are the coffee breaks, the collective struggles at late hours, and the social aspect we all know and love?

We're here to fix all this. Look at your phone. Every one of your apps - Lyft, Spotify, YouTube - are built with the highest standards of smoothness, usability, and function. That’s because they have YOU in mind. It’s high time that learning technology was built for you, too. This is our calling.

👋🏽 Sophya. Finally.

Sophya combines cutting edge data science, machine learning, and computer vision technology with a beautiful virtual world to get you where you need to go, in the spaces you want to be while doing it. We’ll even put a smile (or several) on your face along the way. Because you’re what matters most.

Learning should be fun, beautiful, and better. The 7.2 billion people on this planet deserve to reach their goals - and we’re here to help make that happen.

Here’s to a better way to learn. A more fun way to learn. A prettier way to learn. A more actionable way to learn. No matter if you’re in high school, college, grad school, or a professional. Here’s to being a student in today’s crazy world. We gotchu.

Virtual hugs,

The Sophya team 🤖